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Hurricane Katrina ruined my dress!

Katie Lechien St. Bernard, La January 31, 2014

My name is Katie Lechien and I lived in St. Bernard, La.

When hurricane Katrina hit us we had about 30 minutes to get our things together and evacuate. Sadly my wedding dress and my home I had lived in since I was 2, was left behind. To make things worse there was also an oil spill in the area after the hurricane. We finally got permission to go back to see what, if anything, we could recover. My dress was found, but it was BLACK!! We looked for a place to have the wedding gown restored locally but no place would touch it, then we found you! It looks like it never went through that horrible storm, thank you!, thank you!, thank you!!! After all the hardship my new husband and myself have been through after that hurricane, we can still look at that wedding dress and remember that one perfect day in our lives.

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