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The 11 Step Process


The Process

11 Step Process

Using this exclusive 11 step process makes sure your cleaned and preserved wedding gown looks as beautiful as the day you purchased it.

Step One

When your wedding gown arrives at the BridalKare plant it is checked in, registered and then thoroughly inspected for stains and repairs.

Step 2

Your gown is then hand cleaned along the hem, neckline and underarms. In addition to being experts at removing dirt, mud, grass-stains, asphalt parking lot oil and other stains from the hem, they also pay particular attention to removing all of the make-up, deodorant and perspiration stains as well.

Step 3

Your gown will then be thoroughly inspected with a black light to reveal any hidden stains. All stains and spots are specifically treated to gently remove them from your gown. Our “anti-sugar” treatment removes all sugar stains (usually caused by wines, sodas, or cake frosting) and keeps them from returning and yellowing over time.

Step 4

Your wedding gown is then individually cleaned. They use a more expensive “Stoddard” solvent which is environmentally friendly and gentler on fabrics rather than the perchloroethylene which dry-cleaners and other preservation companies use. Their exclusive cleaning process also keeps your wedding dress from yellowing.

Step 5

A complete and thorough re-inspection then takes place. If any problems remain the gown is re-processed.

Step 6

Any needed repairs are made. (minor repairs are done free – other companies will charge you extra for this service)

Step 7

Your gown is then individually steamed and hand pressed. It is also individually dried to make sure all moisture is gone from the dress fabric.

Step 8

Your gown’s bodice is shaped and place on an acid-free bust form for display so you’ll be able to see how beautiful it is – just like the day you purchased it.

Step 9

The bodice and skirt are layered with acid free tissue paper to protect it.


Your gown is then carefully placed in an acid free windowed display box and completely sealed to keep the moisture from the outside humidity out, and also to keep out mold spores, and dust. (Moisture in the box/fabric can cause mildew) It’s also important to provide this sealed barrier to keep insects from getting in and building their nests in your dress.

STEP 10a

Because the wedding gown preservation box is sealed for your added protection, you can’t see the stain removal and cleaning done to your dress. The staff is happy to send you actual pictures of your cleaned and pressed dress. Simply check mark the request for dress pictures on the invoice you'll receive and include $5 – when you send your gown in to be processed – the staff will email the pics directly to you. No other company offers this type of added service!


The windowed preservation box is placed inside a white storage box and then both of these boxes are placed inside a protective shipping box and all are shipped pre-paid to you via UPS.

Lifetime Warranty

BridalKare International was the first Wedding gown preservation company to offer a lifetime warranty.

The lifetime warranty is possible because of their exclusive 11 point cleaning and preservation process which includes sealing your gown in a beautiful windowed display box.

Your gown is warranted against damage from mildew, bacterial mold, light, moth larva and other insect infestation. Since moisture and insect invasion are the two leading causes of gown destruction and deterioration their exclusive sealed display box prevents this from happening.

The warranty also covers any fabric discoloration – yellowing – and caramelized sugar stains from appearing.

Beads, sequins and glued on items are not covered under the warranty. Since we cannot control the materials or the quality of the materials used by the manufacturers for these beads, sequins or glue – yellowing or aging of these items may occur over time – even when the gown has been properly preserved.

If your gown yellows or changes color, if any stains appear simply return your gown to BridalKare and they will re-process it at not charge. If they cannot restore the gown properly they will refund your preservation cost to you. You do not need to keep your original receipt or any other paperwork to validate this warranty. BridalKare’s goal is your personal 100% satisfaction.

Any warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it!

BridalKare International has been providing wedding gown cleaning and preservation since 1890. They are the oldest wedding gown preservation company in the U.S.

If they weren’t the best, if they didn’t stand behind their warranty they’d be out of business – a long time ago. In this day and age with the internet and the Better Business Bureau, brides can express their feelings, we encourage you to check out the testimonials from the brides. No company can last if it has a bad reputation.

BridalKare is proud of their service. They’re proud of their quality. And they’re proud of their 126 year heritage and reputation.


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