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Why our prices are so low.


Why Our Price Is So Low

Have Your Wedding Gown Cleaned and Preserved


$149 + $18 shipping

Our website is designed to save you money.

Most brides take their wedding gown to a retail store like a dry-cleaner or a bridal salon for their wedding gown cleaning and preservation. Most dry-cleaners and ALL bridal stores send the gowns off to be processed. When a bride takes her gown to a retail store, the store owner or employee must fill out a store invoice, process the order and then fill out the shipping invoice. They then have to box the gown, seal it and then send the gown off to be cleaned and preserved. When the finished gown arrives back in their store they then must call the bride. They put the gown in storage, and then get it out of storage when the bride picks it up. These dealers have overhead, rent, utilities, taxes, and employee wages to pay for – all these add considerably to the costs of having your wedding gown cleaned and preserved. We don’t have those expenses , so you save!

When you order directly from our website

When you order from our website, the order is directly sent to BridalKare International. The wedding gown preservation kit is sent directly to you via email. After your wedding gown is cleaned and preserved it is shipped directly back to you. Since we don’t have the rent, utilities, taxes and employee wages to pay for like the retail stores have, we pass the savings on to you! There are other internet gown preservation companies. Some have fancy expensive websites. Besides being higher priced they typically also have hidden fees. These hidden fees can add up to $150 or more to their prices. (A couple of common examples: They charge extra for things like minor repairs that BridalKare does for free, and they charge extra for sealing the preservation box, again BridalKare does this for free. So look out there may be more hidden charges to be aware of.)

The Oldest Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation Company

We have found by keeping our prices so low (we are the lowest on the internet) we have become the largest wedding gown preservation dealer on the internet – our volume helps to keep our prices low and that means a lower price for you! You’ll get 126+ years of wedding gown cleaning and preservation experience. Wedding gowns are all BridalKare does. They clean and preserve over 1,500 gowns per month. You can trust a family owned business like theirs – and with their lifetime guarantee your gown will be beautifully preserved for generations to come. Take advantage of these tremendous saving for your wedding gown cleaning preservation – order now! We are not afraid to have you compare our prices and service with any other company on or off the internet. Go ahead, shop and compare – you’ll be glad you did.

We value our customers and want to give them the best value possible.

Our reputation for honesty and value rests on it.