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Why we don't offer a higher price


Why we don’t offer a higher Price

Why we don’t offer a higher Price

Some wedding dress preservation companies offer a “Celebrity” Line or some type of upgrade. These upgrades are usually priced at $40 to $90 higher than their standard wedding dress preservation kit.

The most common upgrade includes a higher declared value for insurance during your shipping.  They also have a different colored gown preservation box, and they may use muslin instead of acid free tissue paper for packing the dress.

$40 – $90 dollars for that….really…..give me a break!

Check out the real value of what they include.

You can purchase the additional UPS insurance at $2 per $100 of value. (In 9+ years we’ve been taking orders from our website UPS has never lost a gown. I think it’s because the shipping boxes are so big it’s hard to lose them.) Anyway, the likelihood of UPS messing up is minuscule.

Using a silver or gold gown preservation box and calling it an upgrade is absurd! Does silver or gold look better than white? Maybe, but is the box what you’ll be looking at and showing off to your family and friends? I don’t think so. And the silver or gold on the outside of the box doesn’t change a thing when it comes to the storage or protection offered.

And using muslin instead of acid free tissue paper is just another gimmick. The muslin doesn’t provide any additional protection for your wedding dress at all.

Oh, and the last thing. These companies try and “suck” you in by telling you that you need the upgrade for wedding dresses valued over $500. WHY? Are they going to process your gown any differently – NO THEY ARE NOT!

The cleaning process isn’t different. The handling isn’t different. The care they use isn’t different. The preservation process is exactly the same whether your wedding dress is worth $200, $500 or $5,000. The only difference is they want to charge you a premium, so they can make more profit.


It’s a clever marketing tool to get more money from you for virtually no added value.

Let’s break it down: $500 added insurance – you can purchase this yourself for $10.00.  Different colored preservation box – no added cost / no added value.  Muslin instead of acid free tissue paper, cost to the company maximum $2.  So for you’re being asked to pay $40 – $90 additional for what is costing their company $12 – I’d say that’s a “rip off”!

That’s why we don’t offer an upgrade. We value our customers and want to give them the best deal possible.  Our reputation for honesty and value rests on it.

Don’t fall for this upgrade ploy. Get your wedding gown cleaned and preserved by a company who TREATS YOU WITH HONESTY AND INTEGRITY. And you get the lowest price too!