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Seal Your Wedding Dress


09 February 2017

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Seal Your Wedding Dress Preservation Box or Pay the Consequences

Seal Your Wedding Dress Preservation Box or Pay the Consequences

Now that you’ve decided to have your wedding gown preserved it’s important for you to decide what makes the best long term storage and which preservation company can do that for you.

Wedding dress preservation is a process done in several steps. The  major preservation companies follow the same procedure. Your wedding gown is inspected, then cleaned and next placed in a preservation box.

You need to look for a company that does more than the normal. Make sure your gown will be inspected first; and that the company will then hand clean the hem of the dress. Next they should also clean the top of the bodice of the gown to remove make-up stains you may have gotten on the dress and also remove all the body oils, deodorant and perspiration etc.

Your wedding dress should inspected for stains. Using a black light is best. This will highlight any hidden stains caused by white wine, sprite, cake frosting, club soda etc. These kinds of stains may not show up to the naked eye. These stains should be carefully removed.

Your wedding dress should then be cleaned individually.  The use of an enviornmental approved solvent is best.

Once the cleaning is completed, it’s time to make sure your wedding dress is protected properly for long term preservation.

It’s imparative that your wedding gown preservation company uses an acid free storage box, with acid free tissure paper and an acid free or acid neutral bust form.

Your wedding dress should be placed on the bust form in a windowed display box. You’ll want to see your wedding dress, to verify it’s really  your dress and to show it off to family and friends.

Your windowed Preservation box should be completely sealed. Completely sealed – air tight.

Sealing the box keeps moisture out. As humidity changes each in tyour home with each season your wedding dress can absorb or lose moisture. These changes in humitity can damage the dress.

Air carries with it contaminants including dust, dust mites, pollen and chemicals. The fabric in your wedding dress can act as a filter to these materials and can also react with any chemicals passing through it.  This can damage the fabric.

The most important reason for sealing your weddding dress preservation box is to protect your dress from insects. There are a many types of insects that love bridal fabric. These insects can literally eat the fabric, some will make nests in the fabric. The only way to prevent this from happening is to seal them out. As you know insects can get through the smallest cracks or even the narrowest of openings.

Here’s what one of our brides recently emailed to us:

“My wedding dress, which my mom made, was preserved over 20 years ago and placed in an acid free box. I recently cleaned out the closet it was stored in and discovered termites had infiltrated the box. The box was not salvageable and there is termite crap on some of my dress. I am hoping it can be saved.”

We completely seal your sedding dress preservation box to guarantee you the best protection.  Because of that we offer you a lifetime guarantee.

Because our preservation box is sealed for added protection, it means the guarantee is voided if you break the seal to open the box.  You don’t want to lose the added benefits of that protection, but you may want to make sure your dress has all of the stains removed and it’s properly cleaned.  So you don’t have to just rely on our 125 year family business reputation we are happy to send you actual pictures of your cleaned and pressed dress.  Simply include a request for dress pictures – when you send your dress to us to be processed – and our staff would be happy to take several pictures of your dress after it’s been cleaned and presses and then email them directly to you.  No other company offers this type of service!