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Wedding Dress Preservation


13 October 2016

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Wedding Dress Preservation

Wedding Dress Preservation

4 Things You Should NEVER Do!

Ah, yes. What a magical day that was. You look back on your wedding day with nothing but wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. The ring, the loving family and friends, the amazing ceremony, and….the dress!
You want to keep those things as close to your heart as possible. You especially want to take great care of your beautiful sparkling white dress, the same dress you married the man of your dreams in…but how do you go about preserving it?
Well, there are 4 things you should avoid doing at ALL costs if you want your dress to weather the storm of future generations

TIP # 1: Never wash the dress yourself!

You never want to wash your wedding dress yourself. There are delicate materials on the dress. Always get a professional wedding dress preservationist to wash and handle any cleaning for your dress. They do this for a living. Just look for them online or in your local phone book, but never try to do this important task alone. You may ruin your beloved dress.

TIP # 2: Never wrap your dress in regular plastic!

Plastic may not appear to be a dangerous material, but to a wedding dress, it can be the kiss of death. Why? Well, because plastic seals in off-gassing vapors and traps in moisture, inviting mold and mildew. Ewww! That can’t be good to keep your dress in tip-top shape.

TIP #3: Never hang your dress on an ordinary wooden hanger!

A wooden hanger is just fine to hang your sports jacket, but never a good choice for hanging up a wedding dress. The weight of your dress will stretch and disturb the delicate weaving of the fabric. So take it from me, leave that wooden hanger on the rack where it belongs!

TIP #4: Never store your wedding dress in direct sunlight!

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s also the truth. There are many wedding dress preservation boxes that come with a see-though plastic like panel. These panels are usually made with caroplast, a specially designed plastic known for its durability. Just be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight, unless you want a yellow colored dress in 20 years (instead of your stunning white creation).

So there you have it. If you follow these rules, your dress will stand the test of time. It was there for you when you needed it most, and now it needs YOU to be there for it, so it can last for a lifetime to come.