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Wedding Dress Preservation


10 October 2016

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About Wedding Dress Preservation

About Wedding Dress Preservation

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For many brides, their wedding dress is an important memento of their special wedding day that they truly treasure. Brides know they will be captured in numerous photographs but that isn’t enough. A wedding gown is something which is used one day and then can remain hanging in a closet for years. Brides want to keep their wedding dresses for years decades after after the wedding. Oftentimes, bridal dresses stay in closets. In such conditions, their gown slowly yellows and rots. Wedding dress preservation saves a lot of space and allows owners to stop worrying about the dress’ future condition.

Wedding Dress Preservation — The Process

The gown preservation industry combines the best knowledge and methods from conservation science and experience with museum collections to provide the best preservation possible. Archive storage techniques as they are called can take care of a bride’s needs in the same way as textile conservationist do for museums. The gown preservation process includes dry cleaning of the gown, chemical treatment (to prevent yellowing), stain inspection and cleaning, pressing, steaming, folding and carefully packing in a special acid free storage box. Wedding dress preservation has its own techniques. Different dresses may have different cleaning processes, depending on the fabric. Preservation boxes and folding tissues for the wedding dress differs from regular storage boxes. Ordinary paper boxes and folding tissues may contain acid from tree pump. Bridal gown preservation boxes are acid free.

Wedding Gown Preservation — The Cost

Prices for full service wedding gown preservation can cost anywhere from $140 to $350. These prices depend on many factors. Fabric is the first consideration. Embroidery, beads or other features can be reasons some companies charge more for some gowns to be preserved.

Wedding Memories — Forever

The result of having your wedding dress preserved, gives the bride the security of knowing that her gown will be in the same condition decades from the day she first wore it. Proper gown preservation will preserve all of the emotions and memories of that special wedding day. So, when it comes time to pass the wedding dress to your daughter or granddaughter, they will have a chance to see, or even wear your cherished wedding dress and share in the memory of your magical day.