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Wedding Gown Cleaning at home


10 October 2016

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How to do Wedding Gown Cleaning at home.

There are several steps to making sure that your wedding gown cleaning at home will be successful.

If you haven’t read our previous article on doing it at home or having your gown professionally cleaned it would be a good idea to review that article as well.

The best way to start is for you to check the garment care label.  This label is required by law to be sewn into every gown sold in the U.S.  It is to recommend the care that the manufacturer recommends for that specific gown.  It is based on the fabric materials, any embellishments, and it’s construction.

It is usually best to follow the manufacturer’s fabric care instructions.

There can be exceptions with good results.  Polyester fabrics are usually the easiest and best to work with when trying to clean your own wedding gown at home.  Silk is by far and away the most difficult fabric to clean at home.  It requires dry cleaning rather than wet-cleaning.  Water on silk fabric is asking for a disaster.

If you gown is polyester then you can feel fairly safe about continuing.  Before you fill your bath tub with water, thoroughly clean it.  You don’t want your wedding gown in water that has soap scrum, hair, or dead skin cells floating around in it.  After cleaning the tub, make sure it’s well rinsed.

Ok, go ahead and fill your tub 1/2 way to 3/4 way up (depending on the size of your gown) with lukewarm water.  Do not use hot water.  Use the recommended amount of detergent for a small wash load.  Swirl the water until the detergent is completely dissolved.  Place the gown in the tub, push down any area that is not covered completely by water.  Try to have the entire gown submerged.  Allow the gown to soak for several hours.

Remove all the stains in the gown.  (See the article on stain removal)  Put both hands in the water on top of the gown and push up and down, you want to agitate the gown like a washing machine would do only gently.  This should take 10-15 minutes.  Examine the gown and make sure that all the dirt, spots and stains are gone.

Drain the water.  Refill the tub with warm water and agitate the gown again, this will remove some of the detergent that in is the fabric. Repeat this process at least three times, draining each batch of water.  It may take more; watch the water as you agitate to see if there are any soap bubbles forming.  They will only last a second, but if they appear then you will need to rinse again.

Drain the final tub of water.  Allow the gown to completely lose as much water as possible, so leave the gown in the tub for 30-60 minutes.

Remove the gown from the tub and lay over a clean surface with a white bed sheet underneath.  DO NOT hang the gown to dry.  Hanging a water heavy gown by the hanging loops can stretch the seams and the fabric.  When thoroughly dry, this can take several hours to a day depending on the gown and the circumstances.

Your Gown Is Clean

There you go, your beautiful wedding gown cleaning is done.  It is ready to wear again – if you have a second reception or it’s ready for permanent storage.  Storage is very critical, make sure it is done right.

If you are interested in having your wedding gown cleaning done professionally by a company who specializes on only wedding gowns.  A company that will treat your gown with tender care and return your beautiful gown back to you – like new the order here.