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25 August 2016

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How Do I Know If My Dress Is Properly Cleaned?

How Do I Know If My Dress Is Properly Cleaned?

If any stains in the dress haven’t been properly removed, or possibly even seen or detected, then the preservation of the dress is compromised.  If the dress isn’t properly cleaned after the stains have been removed then the preservation of the dress is also compromised.

So how do you know if ALL of the stains have been detected and removed?  Many stains are not visible to the naked eye and may not appear until a later time when they start to oxidize and turn color.

Each dress is individually and thoroughly examined when it arrives.  After that it is completely inspected with a blacklight to reveal any stains that are not visible to the naked eye.  All stains are removed using proprietary methods we’ve developed over our 125 years in the business.  These gentle, yet effective, methods will not harm delicate bridal fabrics.

Because we seal our preservation box to keep mold spores, dust, dirt, bacteria and insects out of your dress, you haven’t been able to open the box to inspect the dress without voiding the lifetime guarantee.

Now you know!

Until recently you have had to rely on our integrity and reputation (We said the dress was cleaned properly and preserved and it was).

Now you can know for sure that your dress has had ALL of the stains removed and it’s been cleaned and preserved properly.  How?  You can now include a note with your dress to request pictures of your dress after the stain removal and cleaning process.

Our staff will take several pictures of your dress, upon your request, and email them to you – showing you your beautifully cleaned and preserved dress.

Now our reputation and integrity are backed up with proof for you.

Simply include a note when you send your dress to us requesting pictures.  Our staff will then take the extra time to take and send you pictures (or you can just rely on our reputation and integrity like brides for the past 125 years and know that when we clean and preserve your wedding dress, it’s done right.)