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Gown Preservation Guarantees


08 May 2016

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What You Should Know About Gown Preservation Guarantees

What You Should Know About Gown Preservation Guarantees

You have decided to have your wedding gown preserved. You might have been doing some research online to try and find the best wedding dress preservation method and company. Great!

If so, then you have come to realize a couple of things.

One there is a big price difference from different companies. I’ve found prices anywhere from $119.00 to $895.00. Second there are several different containers for gown storage. And third there are many different guarantees / warranties offered by the different companies.

You probably realize now that all the wedding gown preservation companies follow pretty much the same methods for cleaning. The gown is inspected, some areas are hand cleaned, the gown is examined for stains, the stains are removed, the gown is treated for sugar stains, it’s cleaned, preserved and put into some type of long term storage box or container.

Each of these aspects would make an interesting in depth study and possible article.

Today I want to evaluate the all important guarantee or warranty that is offered for your wedding gown preservation.

For the discussion here guarantee and warranty will both be referred to as a guarantee (since a warranty is in fact a written verification of a particular guarantee).

Some companies, especially ones like your local dry-cleaner won’t offer any guarantee at all. So beware of using a local company that doesn’t offer you any kind of guarantee. If you can’t find a guarantee on the website of the company you are researching then avoid them as well. A company should be proud of their guarantee and display it for you to read.

Is the longest guarantee the best? Maybe, let’s see.

The two major wedding gown preservation companies (these two do about 80% of all gown preservation done in the U.S.) one offers a “Lifetime” warranty, the other offers a “100 year” guarantee. The other companies offer the same or less. Some companies charge a premium to get an extended or longer guarantee.

So let’s examine what you want to look for in a guarantee.

The very minimum the guarantee should cover is against the dress from yellowing – changing color. If the proper storage container is not used or becomes compromised the fabric can change color.

It should also guarantee against the carmalization of any sugar stains. These will show up as brown stain marks that were not removed properly to begin with.

That pretty much covers the guarantee for most companies. However there is more and something for you to consider carefully. One company guarantees against insect infestation. Insects love to get into the tight fitting lids of the wedding gown preservation boxes and make their nests. They can get all the way in and make their nests in the bridal dress itself too. The company that offers this guarantee is the one that offers a lifetime guarantee and this is one of the reasons why.

Also when you are evaluating guarantees see what it takes to void the guarantee. Is the company the one who says the gown was mis-handled, touched without protective gloves, or even opened without a company representative present. You would be surprised at all of the “outs” the company has to make sure they don’t have to hold up their end of the guarantee.

One last thing, how long has the company been in business? Are they in good standing with the BBB?