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This website is the exclusive online website for BridalKare’s Wedding Gown Preservation Service. BridalKare is owned and operated by Bev Zambito. As a woman owned & operated business she understands how you feel about getting your wedding dress cleaned & preserved.

You may be concerned about sending off your precious wedding gown to a company hundreds of miles away. We know, but let me assure you, you have nothing to worry about.

In the 7+ years we’ve taken orders through this website there has not been one dress that has been lost.

And knowing that Bev and her staff personally care about how your dress is treated, processed, packaged and sent back to you can also help to alleviate those fears for you. Every day mothers and daughters just like you trust BridalKare for their Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation – you can check out their testimonies and BridalKare’s “A+” BBB rating too.

“Have Your Wedding Gown Cleaned and Preserved for a Personal Keepsake or Treasured Family Heirloom!”

Bridal Kare

started as a local dry cleaner over 125 years ago. Bev represents the 5th generation of this Family Owned and Operated Business. She has grown it into an Award Winning, Nationally Recognized Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation Company. Whatever reason you have to clean and preserve your wedding gown you want to know you can trust the company who will do that work for you.


BridalKare has achieved this trust by treating each and every Wedding Dress sent to them by Mothers and Brides Like You, as the Unique and Cherished Heirloom that it is.  They clean and preserve hundreds of wedding gowns per month. Yet each gown is individually cared for,  hand inspected, individually cleaned and then individually hand inspected again.

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After your wedding day, your bridal gown becomes the most precious garment you have ever worn. Entrust your gown to BridalKare for the ultimate in care, cleaning, repairing, preservation and protective packaging.

Their unique process protects fabrics from sugar stains, dust, bacteria, moths and other airborne pollutants that destroy your gown’s loveliness.

Your preserved gown is securely packaged for safe shipping and storage anywhere in the United States.

Common Questions

Should I have my wedding gown cleaned before I send it to you to be preserved?

No. We take care of proper cleaning and spot cleaning to assure your dress will come out perfect for you.

What about an older dress that's been in the closet for 10, 15 or 20 years?

This is the most asked question we get. Older dresses, even vintage gowns can be cleaned and preserved and refreshed to their original color. We work with older gowns on a regular basis. You will be wonderfully delighted at how beautiful your older dress will turn out when we are done.

How do I know if all of the stains are removed from my dress?

Cleaning and stain removal are important aspects of wedding dress preservation. Because we seal our preservation box to keep mold spores, dust, dirt, bacteria and insects out of your dress, you can’t open the box to inspect the dress without voiding the lifetime guarantee. Our staff will take several pictures of your dress, simply check mark the box on the invoice and include $5. The staff will then take the extra time to take and email you the pictures.

Which stains are removed with your preservation process?

We can remove almost all stains from your wedding gown. Perspiration, mud, grass, blood, parking lot dirt, grease and food are the most common stains and can be removed. Stains that are called “sugar stains” which are caused by cake, icing, wine and other drinks can also be removed. We have found that we can remove over 95% of all stains. The sooner you get your dress to us the easier the stain removal process.

When I purchase your wedding gown preservation kit online, what comes next?

You will receive your order by EMAIL usually within 48 hours. Print off the materials. The kit contains everything you need including easy to follow instructions. Simply fill out the invoice, place your dress in ANY BOX big enough for it, seal the box, attach the prepaid UPS shipping label and send. Your finished dress will be sent back to you prepaid (an adult signature will be required for UPS delivery).

What about my veil, gloves or shawl?

You can include up to three additional items with your wedding gown. A veil, gloves, garter, shawl, purse, or handkerchief – any three are ok to send up to 3 at no additional cost. (does not include slip).

Do you do repairs to my dress?

Your dress is inspected when it arrives for any needed repairs. We do minor repair at no charge to you. Missing buttons, rips, tears, and holes are examples of repairs we perform. Please make note of them our your shipping invoice.

What is your guarantee?

We provide a lifetime guarantee against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing as long as the display box remains sealed. If the display box seal is broken is it can be reprocessed for a minimum fee (approx. $45 call to confirm).

What about insurance of my dress?

Your dress is automatically insured through UPS. The amount of insurance is $500. Higher insurance can be purchased from the UPS store when you send your dress to us, the cost is $2.00 per $100 of insurance.

How long will my wedding gown preservation take?

You will receive your kit usually within 48 hours. It will take UPS 7-10 days for your dress to be received at our plant, depending on your distance from Buffalo N.Y. The cleaning and preservation process takes approximately 5 days depending on the time of the year – summers are very busy for us. Then 7-10 days to receive your preserved wedding gown back via U.P.S..

Do you use an acid free box and acid free tissue?

Yes. It is very important for long term storage to use an acid free box and tissue.


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